The Spirit Of FOEN

The Spirit Of FOEN
     "Made in China" thrives at home and benefits the whole world.In the new era of national innovation, the Chinese economy is forging ahead on the track of high-quality development, braving the wind and waves and creating one miracle after another.Behind this, cannot leave the support of strong manufacturing entity.Under the new historical opportunities brought by the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, to promote the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry and create a more dynamic development situation, it is necessary for China's manufacturing enterprises to break through the encirclement with innovation and release stronger creativity and brand vitality.

     Initiated the domestic research institute of system doors and Windows, launched the first "five-high school, low-translation, flat-open composite window", initiated the national warehousing and logistics distribution system in the industry...This achievement is a testament to Foen's relentless innovation over the years.Walking into the Foen doors and Windows art gallery, the modern exhibition hall with a sense of science and technology instantly attracts reporters' eyes. Every new and exquisite door and window shows the ingenuity of fenan people.The reporter experienced through the on-site demonstration, Foen's high-end system doors and Windows in the natural environment of grade 13 typhoon, still can achieve watertight, performance quality advantage.In addition to focusing on the research and development of high-quality aluminum profiles and system doors and Windows, fenan aluminum also advocates the attitude of energy conservation and environmental protection, which is one of the passive house construction.The passive house building visited by the reporter on that day integrates energy-saving door and window system, fresh air system, thermal insulation system and other cutting-edge building technologies. It is warm in winter and cool in summer, all in one room, and fully interprets the concept of green ecology.

     Foen aluminum's job is to lead, not follow.Foen liang guorong, vice President of Foen, said in the exchange that in the face of the rapidly changing market environment, we cannot slow down our pace, but can only run forward, and promote the high-quality construction of the enterprise and the industry while continuously exploring ways to transform and upgrade the enterprise.The reporter learned that in order to lead the industry to embark on a new journey of internationalization and establish the brand image of Chinese enterprises, Foen will also accept the visits and exchanges from overseas Chinese in Malaysia and other industries, connect the feelings of China and foreign countries, and make the development more warm.


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