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Waterproof Support System

Waterproof Support System FOEN  developed BIPV fully waterproof roof support system  independently, which completely solves the leakage problem of traditional photovoltaic roof system, has the advantages of convenient installation and high corrosion resistance.At the same time, the overall structure is mostly made of high-strength aluminum alloy, which is durable, environmentally friendly and highly reusable. FOEN photovoltaic waterproof bracket system is perfectly combined with architecture (" photovoltaic and architectural integration "(BIPV)), and it is applicable to various application environments. For example, the newly built steel roof, the waterproof bracket system can be directly installed to replace the colored steel tiles as roofing material, to solve the waterproof problem of distributed photovoltaic project. Corrosion and rust of the color steel on the roof of the original factory building After the adoption of FOEN BIPV waterproof bracket, the


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