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FOEN Aluminum window and door

Foen Window and Door System adopt the management of Industry 4.0 Intelligence   Cloud Factory. And firstly launch the "Window and Door lifelong Butler Service" in China. Integrating the geographic feature of China South and North, FOEN Window System has the high performance of airtight (7 grade), wind resistance (8 grade) and watertight (4 grade), Heat insulation (K value min.2.0-0.8) and super silent. And it also has the function of Anti-mosquito, anti-burglary, guard against falling and easy to escape.  

The World's Most Advanced "Doors And Windows Art Museum"

FOEN Doors And Windows Art Museum introduction: fenan group built the "world's first doors and Windows art museum" in 2017, FOEN doors and Windows art museum is the world's most cutting-edge doors and Windows art center.Concentrated display on behalf of the global high performance and function of Chinese system doors and Windows products;The world's first truly intelligent, intelligent doors and Windows system;The unit door and window system of prefabricated residential buildings adapted to today's architectural development;"Haze removal" green door and window system and old city renovation system door and window solution to solve China's environmental pollution.At the same time, it has built a series of venues, such as the internationally leading performance experience center for doors and Windows, national testing center, and art appreciation center for doors and Windows. The Magical "Passive House" With Constant Tempera

High-quality deep processing customized natural anodized profile extruded aluminu

     We are professional in customizing different types of aluminum profiles with 26 years experience which are widely used in Industry, Constrution, Decoration, Furniture, Windows and doors, .etc..       A variety of types and styles of aluminum extrusion profile can be customized. With diverse colors and styles, they can fulfill different types of appetite from customers. Varies of surface treatments and colors are optional, including anodized, powder-coated, wood grain, electrophoresis, polished, brushed, etc.       If our Aluminum profiles are not suitable for you, you could provide us your samples or technical drawings, we can extrude according to your designs.

Preparation for electrophoresis

Image - Specializing in the production of aluminum profile, window system, stainless steel tubes, and curtain wall accessories. Ranking among China Top 5 Aluminum Profile Manufacturers.

China Supplier Aluminum Profile


A Enterprise With Doors And Windows System Research Institute

Develop Doors and Windows With Academic Spirit      FOEN high-end security doors and Windows of the school system composition, the first set up FOEN system doors and windows research institute, under the authority of eight centers :(1) system doors and Windows research center;(2) door and window testing center;(3) sample trial production center;(4) training center;(5) IT service center;(6) aluminum physical and chemical center;(7) experience center;(8) 3D printing center.The perfect institutional setting, complete functional equipment and industry senior r&d team, FOEN system doors and Windows research institute has become the backbone of China's system doors and Windows research and development, research and development of system doors and Windows has become the "Chinese style" system doors and Windows characteristic brand.       Entering the product research and development experience hall, can more intuitively understand the intensity of  investment