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Application of aluminum profile in automobile industry

Application of aluminum profile in the automobile industry Cast aluminum alloy has excellent Bai casting properties. The suitable alloy and casting method can be selected according to the requirements of using purpose, shape, size accuracy, quantity, quality standard, mechanical properties, and economic benefits. Casting aluminum alloy is mainly used for casting non-engine components such as engine cylinder block, clutch housing, rear axle housing, steering gear housing, transmission, valve distribution mechanism, oil pump, water pump, rocker cover, wheel, engine frame, brake caliper, oil cylinder, and brake disc. The deformed aluminum alloy is mainly used in the manufacture of car body panels such as doors and suitcases, bumpers, engine covers, wheel spokes, wheel hub covers, wheel exterior trim covers, brake assembly protection covers, silencing covers, anti-lock brake system, heat exchanger, body frame, seats, car floor and other structural parts, as well as instrument