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What is the extruded aluminum

What is the extruded aluminum The definition of extruded aluminum: We put the metal blank placed in the mold to extrud a very poweful pressure, forcing the metal blank to produce directional deformation, and extruded from the die hole of the extrusion die to obtain the  aluminum profile  with the required sectional shape and size. The feature of  extruded aluminum 1.In the extrusion process, the extruded metal can obtain a stronger and more uniform three-dimensional compressive stress state than the rolling forging in the deformation region, which can fully exert the plasticity of the processed metal itself. 2.Extrusion molding can not only produce rod, tube, type, and line products with simple cross-section shapes, but also can produce sections and tubes with complex cross-sectional shapes. 3.The precision of the extruded products is high, the surface quality of the products is good, and the utilization rate and the yield of the metal materials are also improved; 4.The