What is the extruded aluminum

What is the extruded aluminum The definition of extruded aluminum: We put the metal blank placed in the mold to extrud a very poweful pressure, forcing the metal blank to produce directional deformation, and extruded from the die hole of the extrusion die to obtain the aluminum profile with the required sectional shape and size. The feature of extruded aluminum 1.In the extrusion process, the extruded metal can obtain a stronger and more uniform three-dimensional compressive stress state than the rolling forging in the deformation region, which can fully exert the plasticity of the processed metal itself. 2.Extrusion molding can not only produce rod, tube, type, and line products with simple cross-section shapes, but also can produce sections and tubes with complex cross-sectional shapes. 3.The precision of the extruded products is high, the surface quality of the products is good, and the utilization rate and the yield of the metal materials are also improved; 4.The extrusion process has a…

FOEN Group In The BATIMAT Exhibition

FOEN Group In The BATIMAT Exhibition The BATIMAT Exhibition in Paris just closed,Compared with last year's exhibition,FOEN has greatly improved in terms of scale, type of exhibits and personnel allocation, which has played a good role in the promotion of the company's brand and made our company well-known in the Local, which is inseparable from the efforts of all employees.In the exhibition met a variety of customers, and also make a lot of orders.

This exhibition has attracted a lot of customers Interested in The aluminum industryfrom all over the world, and generally have a good response to The Overseas department of FOEN in the exhibition.

The Spirit Of FOEN

The Spirit Of FOEN      "Made in China" thrives at home and benefits the whole world.In the new era of national innovation, the Chinese economy is forging ahead on the track of high-quality development, braving the wind and waves and creating one miracle after another.Behind this, cannot leave the support of strong manufacturing entity.Under the new historical opportunities brought by the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, to promote the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry and create a more dynamic development situation, it is necessary for China's manufacturing enterprises to break through the encirclement with innovation and release stronger creativity and brand vitality.
     Initiated the domestic research institute of system doors and Windows, launched the first "five-high school, low-translation, flat-open composite window", initiated the national warehousing and logistics distribution syst…

FOEN has become a member of fujian new energy technology industry promotion association

FOEN has become a member of fujian new energy technology industry promotion association      Recently, FOEN ushered in a favorable moment to join fujian new energy technology industry promotion association (fujian new energy technology industry promotion association (new energy industry alliance) was formally established on June 18, 2013.The alliance is jointly initiated by fujian federation of enterprises and entrepreneurs, energy research institute of xiamen university and the organizing committee of haixi (xiamen) international new energy industry expo, with the purpose of "equality and mutual benefit, complementary advantages, resource sharing and win-win cooperation".I became a member.

     Foen photovoltaic bracket business division is committed to the combination of traditional architecture and new energy, mainly promoting photovoltaic sun room, fully waterproof sun shed, passive room, traditional photovoltaic bracket, agricultural shelf and other new energy products, w…

Waterproof Support System

Waterproof Support System FOEN  developed BIPV fully waterproof roof support system independently, which completely solves the leakage problem of traditional photovoltaic roof system, has the advantages of convenient installation and high corrosion resistance.At the same time, the overall structure is mostly made of high-strength aluminum alloy, which is durable, environmentally friendly and highly reusable.
FOEN photovoltaic waterproof bracket system is perfectly combined with architecture (" photovoltaic and architectural integration "(BIPV)), and it is applicable to various application environments. For example, the newly built steel roof, the waterproof bracket system can be directly installed to replace the colored steel tiles as roofing material, to solve the waterproof problem of distributed photovoltaic project.
Corrosion and rust of the color steel on the roof of the original factory building
After the adoption of FOEN BIPV waterproof bracket, the FOEN BIPV waterproo…


We treasure every opportunity to meet with you,our valued customers.
WDF EVENT ADRESS:Dubai World Trade Centre
Date:24th-26th September, 2019
Booth No:C241E

FOEN Aluminum window and door

Foen Window and Door System adopt the management of Industry 4.0 IntelligenceCloud Factory. And firstly launch the "Window and Door lifelong Butler Service" in China.

Integrating the geographic feature of China South and North, FOEN Window System has the high performance of airtight (7 grade), wind resistance (8 grade) and watertight (4 grade), Heat insulation (K value min.2.0-0.8) and super silent. And it also has the function of Anti-mosquito, anti-burglary, guard against falling and easy to escape.