The World's Most Advanced "Doors And Windows Art Museum"

FOEN Doors And Windows Art Museum introduction: fenan group built the "world's first doors and Windows art museum" in 2017, FOEN doors and Windows art museum is the world's most cutting-edge doors and Windows art center.Concentrated display on behalf of the global high performance and function of Chinese system doors and Windows products;The world's first truly intelligent, intelligent doors and Windows system;The unit door and window system of prefabricated residential buildings adapted to today's architectural development;"Haze removal" green door and window system and old city renovation system door and window solution to solve China's environmental pollution.At the same time, it has built a series of venues, such as the internationally leading performance experience center for doors and Windows, national testing center, and art appreciation center for doors and Windows.

The Magical "Passive House" With Constant Temperature Of 25 Degrees

FOEN passive house introduction: fenan passive house is the first passive building with glass curtain wall system in south China.Designed by Chinese and German experts and certified by German passive house standard, passive house has a total construction area of more than 7000 square meters, and the whole building fully interprets the concept of green ecology.


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